Public deliverables

This page allows you to download all the public deliverables of the EASIER project.

Note: The deliverables published on this page have been submitted to the European Commission for evaluation and are awaiting the Commission’s approval.

No.Deliverable TitleMonth
D1.2Report on performance metrics and user study preparations18
D1.3Report on interim evaluation study22
D1.4Report on final evaluation study36
D2.3Report on Sign Language Representation35
D4.2.2Translation models, final version29
D4.3Text analysis modules32
D4.4Final report on MT36
D5.1A tool allowing post-editing of text15
D5.2A tool allowing post-editing of SL with human SL input20
D5.3A stand-alone editor for discourse representation diagrams20
D5.4Final integration allowing post-editing with discourse representation diagrams36
D5.6Quality estimation models for German and DGS32
D6.1Overview of datasets for the SLs of Europe6
D6.2Specification for the harmonization of SL annotations12
D6.3.1Initial interlingual index for DGS and BSL16
D6.3.2Interlingual index for the project’s core SLs29
D6.3.3Extended interlingual index for the project’s core SLs and languages covered in WP936
D6.4Tools for harmonizing available annotations to a common format18
D6.5Overview of types of text resources in broadcast data12
D6.6Tools for harmonizing broadcast text data18
D6.7European translators discussion board for neologisms12
D8.5Specifications for liaising EASIER with ELG36
D9.1Definition of minimal contents of data set for participation15
D9.2An overview of resources in the making15
D9.3Workflow documents and manuals for the creation of new resources18
D9.4Workshops and trainings for experts in under- resourced languages36
D9.5Establishment of the infrastructure to automatically analyse other datasets18
D9.6Statistical data from video processing other European SL datasets27
D10.1Impact creation strategy and plan4
D10.2Dissemination, communication and community engagement report36
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