Scientific publications

Sign Language Avatars: A Question of Representation” | R. Wolfe, J.C. McDonald, T. Hanke, S. Ebling, D. Van Landuyt, F. Picron, V. Krausneker, E. Efthimiou, E. Fotinea, A. Braffort
MDPI Information Journal, Volume 13, Issue 4 – Special Issue Frontiers in Machine Translation, April 2022

The Myth of Signing Avatars” | J.C. McDonald, R. Wolfe, E. Efthimiou, E. Fontinea, F. Picron, D. Van Landuyt, T. Sioen, A. Braffort, M. Filhol, S. Ebling, T. Hanke, V. Krausneker
MT Summit, August 2021

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