EASIER presented at the SRG Accessibility Day

On November 17, 2023, EASIER was presented at the SRG Accessibility Day. The event, organized in Zurich by the Swiss Radio and Television Company (SRG) had as its main objectives understanding the needs of deaf people and discussing possible solutions together so that the accessibility services at the Swiss public broadcaster can be developed further.

The goal of the SRG Accessibility Day was to have an open and productive dialogue with participants about their needs and expectations so that everyone could have equal access to SRG’s services. During the event, the organizers stressed the importance of entering into a dialogue with the audience about their specific needs and views to find out what needs to be improved. “We receive a lot of feedback from hearing and seeing people, but we must not forget about the deaf and blind members of our audience; We must let them have their say,” said Philippe Hêche, RTS – Radio Télévision Suisse who participated in the event. SRG hired 18 people to facilitate communication at the event, covering all spoken and signed languages of Switzerland.

EASIER was represented by SwissTXT’s Michaela Nachtrab and Robin Ribback who presented the progress achieved by the project during a slot dedicated to digital developments.

Discover more about the SRG Accessibility Day (in German).

EASIER at the SRG Accessibility Day
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