The final project review

After three years of intensive collaboration, the EASIER project partners gathered in Hamburg, Germany, for the final project review by the European Commission, which took place on February 29, 2024, formally ending the project.

During the full-day review meeting held at the premises of the University of Hamburg, one of the EASIER project partners, the consortium presented their key findings, achievements, results, and lessons learned to the Project Officer and the appointed Reviewers. Their detailed presentations and live demonstrations of the developed assets and innovations were well received and appreciated.

As stated by the Project Officer and the EC Reviewers, “The most important thing in these types of projects is the end user involvement – technologies should never be developed without the heavy involvement of end users, and we want to congratulate the EASIER consortium for engaging the deaf community in every step of the project, as well as during the review meeting.” Continuing their remarks, they added, “As a result of this heavy involvement of end users in every step of the way, we can now observe a shift in the attitude of the deaf community toward language technology, which is an achievement in itself.”

EASIER will continue to have an impact on the field of sign language translation for many years to come, not only because of its technical developments, but also because of how it has paved the way toward a more inclusive and collaborative work in the field, which presents a strong basis for future initiatives and projects.

You can read about the key results and project achievements here while a detailed information on the performed work and project results can be found in public deliverables submitted to the European Commission during the project lifespan.

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